2019 Baker Group MAC



As an owner of a closely-held business, it is likely that you face one or more of the following challenges:


  • Perhaps you are not ready to retire today, but would enjoy the security of converting some of your equity into cash in order to have some liquidity rather than having the majority of your net worth tied up in your business.

  • With your experience in running your business, you recognize certain opportunities for growth, but are hesitant to invest the additional capital to make it happen

  • Economic changes are bound to affect your business and you know that it would be wise to consider joining forces with another business in your industry to preserve your market position

  • You would like to sell the company and either retire immediately or within the next one to two years.


When business owners make the decision to entrust in Baker Group’s services they have the freedom to continue to concentrate on what they do best.....operating their business. BGMAC is proud to accomplish all of the intricate steps involved in bringing an interested acquirer to the table. Bringing about a successful transaction involves timing, talent, experience, and practice, among many other attributes.


Solutions for Business Owners


Since 1988, Jerry Baker has been involved in consulting with clients to sell their businesses. The company has a successful track record in working with its clients to structure a transaction that meets the needs of its client’s long-term goals. Baker Group M&A Consulting is the company to trust when it is time to consider an exit strategy for your business.