2019 Baker Group MAC

Our Promise

Since 1988, Jerry Baker’s companies have given business owners across the country plenty of reasons to say yes to our unique, one-on-one service.  We know your market, know buyers firsthand, and know which buyers will be most interested in your business. At Baker Group MAC, we make sure that your company is valued beyond the assets listed on your balance sheet. The intrinsic value is made up of the intangible assets of your company that make it unique and where the real value of your company is hidden.   So if you’re considering selling your business, get in the know—Call Baker Group M&A Consultants, Inc. today. 

Ever Wondered What Your Company Might Be Worth in Today's Market? 

- What would it cost to find out?

- Who would you go to to find out?

- What's involved?

- Can it be confidential?

- Am I obligated in any way?

- Who might be interested in my business?

Why pay thousands of dollars for a business evaluation when Baker Group offers a non-obligatory, no risk free assessment of your company's value?