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Baker Group M&A Consultants, Inc. is different in numerous ways. Jerry Baker, the President of the Baker Group has over 60 years experience as an entrepreneur, started and developed many companies over his career. He can relate to a business of any size. His knowledge acquired over the years is extremely helpful in developing a relationship with clients.


One of the companies Jerry built was one of the first 2400 public companies listed on NASDAQ on its first day of operation in 1971. This company, InterContinental Services, Inc. (ICSC) provided credit card recovery and collection agency services nationally through five regional offices.

Another public company started in 1967 was sold to Citibank in 1980. This company, Inter Continental Computing, Inc. (ICCI) grew from a back office data processing service department into one of the largest

on-line, real-time distributive data processing companies in the United States. Its services were provided to credit unions and savings & loan companies across the US through seven regional offices. ICCI was a pioneer in the development of online, real-time financial processing services.


Since 1988, Jerry Baker’s companies have consulted with and successfully concluded hundreds of transactions in numerous industries. Jerry’s experience in starting companies, building companies, taking companies public, selling companies, dealing with national accounting firms and major law firms in numerous negotiations and leading and mentoring employees to successful careers is priceless when it comes to selecting a deal maker. Baker Group M&A Consultants can discuss with clients different types of transactions and structures to consider. BGMAC works closely with the attorney and accountants of its clients through the letter of intent, due diligence, purchase agreement and the closing.


BGMAC brings hands on knowledge and experience to the table when working with clients and buyers regardless of the size of the transaction. In addition, BGMAC has an unlimited number of buyers it can introduce to its clients. The Baker Group M&A Consultants understands the stages of growth in a business and Mr. Baker has the first hand experience with the challenges that business owners face over the years to build the company to their vision and personality. It didn’t happen by chance, it took building a team to share goals and execute a carefully designed business plan. BGMAC has an ear to listen and then provide our thoughts on developing an exit strategy.

There is no cost to BGMAC clients unless its consulting service results in a successful closing.

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